Friday, December 30, 2011

Healthy Snack Ideas

Snacks on the Go
I want to touch upon the topic of snacks. I have trialed several different types throughout the years and have found some to work better than others. In the real world, it is not easy to make time for extra meals. I want to quickly provide several different easy and portable options that can help fight the cravings throughout the day while supplying good nutritional content:
1.     Egg Whites (1 large): 4-5g protein, no fat or cholesterol.
2.     Fat-free cottage cheese (1 cup): 15 g protein, no fat, low cholesterol, low sugar. 
3.     Canned tuna (1 can = 2.8 oz): 18g protein, no sugars, no saturated fat, 1g carb.
4.     Natural peanut butter (2 tbsp): 16 g fat with 12 g coming from monounsaturated fat (“good fat”), low sugar, 7-8g protein.
5.     Whole natural almonds (18g = 100 calorie pack): 9g fat with only 0.5g saturated fat (“bad fat”), 4g protein, no cholesterol, low sugar, 4g protein.
***Number of grams per item may vary depending on portion sizes and brand type. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fight the unwanted cold with a GREEN SMOOTHIE

Unfortunately, it's cold and flu season and many of us will be hit with it. Here is a great GREEN SMOOTHIE recipe that will be perfect to help you fight that unwanted cold and keep you healthy. It takes a little time but is more than worth it. It's a great way to get several servings of fruits and vegetables in your system first thing in the morning. When I have felt a sore throat coming on I have even had the smoothie twice a day to fight the potential cold before it gets me. 


Chop up the following items and put into a blender

1 cup of almond milk (can substitute hemp milk if you have a nut allergy. or you could even substitute with water)
1 grapefruit (just trim the majority of the outer peel off with a knife)
1/4 cucumber
2 handfuls of spinach (the more the better for you)
1/4 of avocado
teaspoon of preferred sweetener (stevia, sugar, green leaf, etc)
1/2 lime (juice squeezed)
1 large leaf of kale (optional) Kale is full of good stuff but does make the smoothie not taste quite as good. I would recommend adding this later. First just start with the other ingredients and get that down.
and of course ICE (as much as desired 4-5 cubes per smoothie works for me) I blend the food first, then add ice and blend again. 

I usually double the recipe and make 2 smoothies. If you don't have a very good blender, blend the ingredients as you add a few at time 

You can play with the amounts as desired but that is what works for me. It doesn't have to be exact. It's such a great way to start your day. I often cut up everything the night before and put it in the blender and put it in the fridge overnight without blending it. Then in the morning I just add the almond milk and blend it. That way I don't run out of time in the morning to get my day started right. 

I absolutely love drinking it and crave it. When I go out of town and don't drink it for a few days, I come home from my trip and the first thing I do is make a green smoothie. Let me know if you try it and what you think. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tabata Workout

TABATA is great for increasing VO2max and you continue
to burn calories even after workout is over. Only takes 16 minutes!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free Boot Camp Classes

Get Ready for Summer with FREE Boot Camp!

· FREE Fitness boot camp classes at Bellaire Park

· FREE classes are Thursday May 19, Tues May 24 at 6pm

· Outdoor workout classes to get you looking and feeling great

· It’s time to take care of YOU!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sweat it out!

Great Outdoor Workout at RipQuest yesterday. Everyone was drenched with sweat.
Do 4 rounds of the following exercises as fast as you can:
-20 wall balls (6-10 pound medicine ball)
-20 knees to elbows while hanging from bar
-30 lunges while holding weight overhead
-40 frog planks
-200 single jump ropes or 40 double unders
(double unders are brutal but great workout...give them a try)
Check out the video for a demo of all the above exercises.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brutal Circuit Exercise Workout

Tuesday May 3
6 Circuit exercises with minimal equipment needed
Do as many reps as you can in 45 seconds for 3 rounds

1. Deadlift squats as many as you can in 45 seconds
(choose your weight)
Lunge to next spot about 15 yards
2. bilateral hip extensions on bench
Bear Crawl to next spot about 15 yards
3. Jump Pull ups lower slowly
squat jumps to next spot
4. Kettlebell swings with 10 pound dumbbell
high knees to next spot
5. Maintain arms in push up position on ground while jumping feet back and forth over mat
6. Sprint 50 yards jog back and repeat for 45 sec
Now repeat 2 more times!

Really push yourself to get as many reps as you can.
Let me know if you have any questions on the exercises.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

High Intensity Interval Training

April 27 Wednesday Workout

Today's workout was all about short, fast, intense intervals. Go as hard as you possibly can for 30 seconds and then you get a short break to recover. You repeat this over and over again. This is called High Intensity Training (H.I.I.T). There are several great things about H.I.I.T. 1. Your workout is shorter and 2. You burn more calories in less time. This format causes "metabolic turbulence) which boost your metabolism and in turn burns more calories!! YAY!!! Your body will continue to burn calories even after you are done working out vs doing a slow 40 minute cardio jog or bike . So give it a try and give it all you got each 30 seconds.

Warm up: Jump Rope x2 minutes
push ups 10
lunges 10
repeat one more time
Workout time!
Interval training-5 rounds of the following
-Jump Rope as fast as you can x30 seconds
-walk x30 second (break)
-Squats x30 seconds as many as you can
-walk x30 seconds
-Step ups and down curbs x30 seconds as fast as possible
-walk x 30 seconds
-push ups x30 seconds as many as possible
-walk 30 seconds
repeat 4 more times
Core: Superman. Planks with partner hitting hands.
Crunchy Frog. Hip abduction in SL. Perform each exercise for 1 minute.